Beyond The Mat

Beyond The Mat is our conscious collective effort to put our yoga practice into action, and reach out with a compassionate heart as a community. Funds raised through our Karma class will be supporting:


New Leaf Yoga Foundation was founded in Toronto in 2007.  The organization was created by like-minded people whose lives have been impacted by yoga and who want to create opportunities for others to participate in yoga, especially young people residing in some of the least-serviced communities and facilities.

They set out to build an organization that would not only make yoga accessible to youth, but would also provide on-going support for teachers and staff at our project sites so that long-term, omitted programs could flourish.

They believe that yoga (and by yoga they mean asanas- physical poses, meditation and generally a way of life) can be a powerful contributor to social change, and that change on a large scale starts one person at a time.

At  New Leaf Foundation, they hope to inspire and support youth to tap into their inner strength and resources, so that they may cultivate seeds for peace in their lives.

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