Etheric Health Practitioner

OCTOBER 3, 2015 – March 5, 2016 | Registered Etheric Health Practitioner: Certification


Part I:  Esoteric Endocrinology & Cellular Regeneration

The Registered Etheric Health Practitioner certification, affiliated with the School of Etheric Healing, provides in-depth training inEsoteric Endocrinology & Cellular Regeneration.

Learn to access underlying conditions and develop healing skills inherent in you!


Each module of study engages students to experience in greater detail the relationship between the life force of the Universe and the cells of the body, endocrine system and energy meridians.  Throughout the modules of studies, students will engage in theory, discourse, personal practice and healing, as well as demonstrate their healing skills on each other during practice sessions.  Students are supported, guided and encouraged in the development of their intuitive skills.


Mind to MIND communication with the Divine Intelligence of the body, systems and cells is an integral part of  study. The dimensions of a human being are teeming with Divine Intelligence, and students will learn to access stored information that will greatly help any individual unlock energetic stagnation, as well as remove their own energy blocks.  Students are trained to support and assist others to connect to greater spiritual alignment for the development and acceleration of consciousness. Students will receive an energy attunement each class that lifts the consciousness of the seeker of Truth into a greater awareness of the Universal Laws and Principles of Creation, which brings greater clarity of MIND to the engaging student.


This training has drawn many who are interested in energetic healing for themselves and those who wish to embark on a professional practice. The Registered Etheric Health Practitioner certification is foundational training  for any healing modality which refines one’s ability to attune to the human energy field and develop skills in energy medicine.


Upon completion of the 12 modules students will be submitting 24 case studies that they have compiled throughout the term during class practice sessions, and on their own time. Assistance is available to ensure a thorough understanding of the techniques involved.



What you can expect throughout Part I:

  • Clearing and infusing healing to Chakras
  • Review of the Energy Bodies and Levels of Consciousness of the aura
  • Practice of Pathworking the Chakras with guided meditation for personal healing
  • Development of Intuition
  • Energy activations and initiations for spiritual development
  • Guided meditations to ensure your Ascension of Consciousness in the Inner Temple
  • Esoteric Teachings of the endocrine system and its relationship to the chakras
  • Mapping and tracking the flow of energy throughout energy meridians and the interface with hormonal function
  • Accessing energy nodal crossings in the auric field
  • Accessing the Soul mandate and navigating acceleration of its manifestation
  • “Dialogue” with Cells, Body Intelligences, Ascended Masters, Master Soul Personality and Higher Temple instruction
  • Facilitating immediate transformation of cellular activity from inactive states, blocked and stagnant conditions
  • Regenerating cellular activity throughout the body systems
  • Defining cellular weaknesses including malfunction, deficiencies. Accessing tools for improvement
  • Discovering the permanent changes can be made to your health and well being


Part II:  Full Body Spectrum

To receive the Registered Etheric Health Practitioner certification, students are required to complete  Part II: the Full Body Spectrum which includes 10 modules of study of the endocrine system, digestive system, lymphatic system, cerebral spinal column and brain function – ANS and sensory systems, muscular system, tissues and membranes, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, reproductive system and urinary/renal system

Part II, 2016 dates will be listed shortly.

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