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An Introduction to Sound Healing with a Crystal Bowl Soundbath

The use of sound and music as healing arts represents a profound constellation of both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge.  Sound Healer, Sacred Musician and Sage, Darren Austin Hall, will take us on a journey into the amazing world of cosmic vibration and the spiritual power of music.  Participants will be guided in simple and powerful vocal techniques to balance the chakra system, create singing prayers and co-create a group Heart Resonance Free Chant to amplify our intentional voices with the greater world. The evening will conclude with a celestial Sacred Sound Journey with Crystal Singing Bowls, some of the most advanced and beautiful sound healing instruments on the planet.  Darren will share his unique intuitive voice, what he calls ‘source-singing’, channeling energy and wisdom from the multi-dimensions, in the fulfillment of music’s etymology.

No musical or vocal experience is required. In fact, many who feel inhibited around the singing voice will undoubtedly experience beautiful freedom of this incredible capacity in us all to use sound for healing.

Saturday, Nov. 25th | 7:30pm-9:00pm
$35+hst I 10% off for members

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