Restorative Stones

Spiritual Awakening in Challenging Times

Some branches of the Yoga tradition articulated a practical life philosophy intended for people living in the world, with jobs and families and all the challenges they entail. In this weekend of powerful workshops, we will dive deep into the nitty-gritty of how the spiritual life can entwine with and support every aspect of our worldly life, until the apparent distinction between the two dissolves. Bring your most challenging questions — in these workshops nothing is off the table. More than ever we need uncensored straight talk on the value of spiritual awakening — that is, becoming more clear and open and intimate with ‘what is’ — amidst the beautiful challenges of 21st century life. While most of the workshop will be discussion and contemplation, the Saturday and Sunday classes will also involve some movement and Yoga.

Friday Oct 21 to Sunday Oct 23 | Fri 7pm-10pm, Sat and Sun 12pm-3:30pm & 4:30pm-8pm
$40 for a single lecture, $180 for the whole weekend

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oakville toronto