Retina Pigmentosa

Cycle For Sight Awareness Month

On June 24th Joanne Taylor and Colin Matthews will be riding in the Cycle for Sight in support of The Foundation Fighting Blindness. In addition to riding, all proceeds for our upcoming Partner Yoga class with Colin and Anne Marie on June 4th will be donated to the cause.

On June 6th we will be raising awareness about advancing retinal eye diseases.  Over 1 million Canadians are living with blinding diseases.  Since 2009, Cycle for Sight has raised over $3.7 million in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB).  The FFB’s mission is to lead the fight against blindness by advancing retinal disease research, providing education and public awareness, and ultimately restoring hope and sight. With the support of donors, the FFB has invested $30 million to support vision research across Canada, since 1974. That’s over 200 research grants that have led to over 600 new discoveries in exciting areas of study like: stem cell research, neuroprotective therapies, technological developments, pharmaceuticals and gene therapies.  All research supports their goal of understanding why vision loss occurs, how it can be slowed or stopped, and how sight can be restored.

If you would like to donate our Kula riders, please see links below:

Joanne Taylor

Colin Matthews

*All funds raised will go to The Foundation Fighting Blindness


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